About Us

Bold Vision Consulting is your digital relationship consultant. We help businesses increase sales and improve business by building connections and engaging online with clients, prospects, vendors and internal colleagues. Lynnelle Wilson is the founder and president of Bold Vision Consulting. Since 2005 she has been helping organizations build and nurture relationships with clients and prospects which improves marketing, sales and retention efforts. Lynnelle takes a BOLD, grassroots approach, focusing on leveraging  new and emerging technologies, such as social networks, video and mobile; integrating into an organization’s existing marketing and business operations as appropriate Before moving to Maine and starting Bold Vision Marketing, Lynnelle was Vice President of Global Investor Services for JPMorganChase in New York.  In this role she was responsible for developing and managing marketing and sales for large and complex relationships including ExxonMobile, Hewlitt Packard, and Microsoft. Lynnelle is a native Dallasite. After 12 years in New York and then Maine, she returns to her Texas roots splitting, her time between Austin and Dallas.


  1. Mary Lynn Engel says:

    Hi Lynelle – We met a couple of years ago when I was putting together a social media class for Saint Joseph’s College. You were great to give me some tips and leads.

    I know this is VERY last minute (the time of this lecture moved up a month at the last minute) but would you be interested in talking to a group of college seniors, either in person or through Skype) on either Monday 10/4 or Wednesday 10/6. Class is 3-4:45PM. Obvbviously you don’t have to do the whole time if you don’t want to. The topic for the class is using social media to get a job. I also want to touch on using it professionally vs. as a college tool with friends.

    What do you think? Again, I appreciate the last minute ask and certainly appreciate if it is not doable.

  2. Gair MacKenzie says:

    Hi Lynnelle, I saw you were a friend on Facebook of WMWV 93.5 FM in Conway, NH. I’m actually the news director there – your business looks and sounds very interesting! All the best, Gair MacKenzie